The fundamental idea behind Find Darts Coach is to make it easy and simple to find a darts coach for players worldwide.

We believe that darts, as a sport, is currently undergoing a significant transformation. Where it is expanding beyond its origins in the local pubs to attract a larger and more diverse audience, who seeks a more professional and organized environment to participate in. As competition increases, there will gradually arise an even greater need for players to differentiate their individual training and development. As we all know, darts is a precision sport. There is often a very fine margin between success and failure – a very narrow gap between being a top player or just another average player among the vast majority. We strongly advocate that consulting a coach can help narrow this cap, and help accelerate development and performance, in order to become a more competitive darts player.

In other words: Our mission is to facilitate and support the transformation of darts, and to contribute to coaching becoming a natural part of the sport!

Start today! Try our interactive map to get an overview of where our coaches are located and find a darts coach who suits your exact goals and ambitions.